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Thomas DiDonato

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Nature Photographer


I'm an Italian landscape photographer, based in Bologna. I started photography at the age of 15, with an old Ricoh camera; landscapes were my passion and I tried everything my basic equipment allowed me...

Now, after 27 years, my passion is still the same, with a little more knowledge..

The goal of my photos is to take the viewer by the hand and lead him around to discover a parallel world, a hidden reality made of soft tones, natural lines and smooth water. Landscapes are my favorite subjects and long exposures are how I try to show my vision to the viewer. Night landscapes are the other door that leads to the other side of natural beauties. Many places, in recent years, have amazed me and stolen my heart. However, I tend to stay away from iconic and over-photographed places: I want to tell a story about something the viewer doesn't know yet. This is the tribute we have to pay: creativity is many things; but it sure is showing unusual things, in an uncommon way. Sony a7R shooter (yes, I'm a mirrorless man!)


Acknowledgments and Roles:

Ambassador Haida since 2016


  • 2022 IPA :  finalist

  • 2020 PX3 :  second place

  • 2019 IPA :  4 honorable mentions

  • 2018 IPA :  2 honorable mentions

  • 2018 Epson Pano Awards :  third place

  • 2017 IPA :  3 honorable mentions

  • 2017 MIFA :  honorable mention

  • 2016 IPA :  4 honorable mentions

  • 2016 Siena Photography Awards :  finalist

  • 2015 IPA :   honorable mention

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Cagliari - PI: IT03331260921

Sardinia - Italy

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