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The Ambassadors Gurus are carefully chosen from among the best Italian photographers operating internationally in various photographic sectors. To make the choice we do not primarily look at the number of likes on social networks or other partnerships that are sometimes only apparently high-sounding and not always deserved, but only secondarily, in choosing we look first at international competitions in the most serious contests, publications in international journals or for publishers of primary importance. Sometimes other parameters also come into play that allow us to have a highly heterogeneous Team Ambassador of which we are particularly proud.

Our AGs are Masters in many workshops and various educational activities carried out around the world. The AGs espouse the Photofuture business and often use the products of various of our brands related to photography and video.


The Brand Ambassadors are chosen among the best Italian photographers operating mainly in a regional or national context who often dedicate a special part of their work to their territory of origin.

All our Ambassadors are primarily chosen from people who respect the territory and the world in general, environmental protection is one of our fundamental principles.

The Photofuture headquarters is powered exclusively by clean energy produced from certified renewable sources.

If one of our Ambassadors were to fail in this respect, he would no longer be in tune with our project either.

The Testimonials are chosen among the users of our products, therefore this is a position for which you do not apply, in order to be chosen among the Testimonials you must have purchased one of our products and tag us on social networks when you publish a post. Naturally, in analogy to the AG and BA, they will be chosen for publication among the most deserving (competitions, publications, etc.).

All positions have an annual term and are subject to confirmation at the beginning of each year.

At the moment we are not evaluating new applications, but if you are interested in one of our exclusive distribution brands and you are sure you can make a contribution equal to or greater than those already present in the Team, send us your application by clicking on the "Become Ambassador" button, we will be happy to examine it and in the positive case we will contact you.

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