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Updated: Sep 19, 2023

First of all I would like to thank Summit Creative e Photofuture, for giving me the opportunity to try the TENZING 50L backpack. I based my choice on the quality of the product, listening to the advice given by my friend Corrado, owner of Photofuture, a true expert in the matter. I consider the qualitative aspect as important as the ability to know how to evolve and constantly improve over time. Having said that, here are my first impressions related to the backpack.

QUALITY starting from the external coating, the product shows an excellent level of materials. Compared to backpacks I've owned previously (other brand), the outer fabric seems to have more water resistance. The backrest is soft and robust at the same time. The shoulder straps also look good, especially with regards to sturdiness. I really liked the quality of the zips, fluid and well placed. Those exposed externally (front of the backpack) are adequately insulated. A fundamental aspect for those who, like myself, frequent very rainy places. The structure of the backpack is solid, as well as being rigid at the right point. Loading it with 2 camera bodies, 4 lenses (including a 100-500 Canon), filters, batteries and various accessories, it does not undergo any deformation. The double internal pocket (behind the backrest) is also excellent. The upper part of the backpack has a rigid surface at the bottom, excellent for placing a pencil case and other accessories. The extendable part is well thought out. However, the latter will require field testing to provide a reliable analysis. Closures, laces and straps are of good quality. There are many interesting details, such as the pockets on the shoulder straps. These, too, require more extensive use to confirm their quality.

AESTHETICS the backpack is “cool”. Good looking. From the first glance, it appears robust thanks to the solidity of the internal frame. The color is bright, but not too bright. The colors recall the tones of the forest nature, as well as recalling the waters between turquoise and emerald of the mountain lakes. Very interesting aspect, for a lover of Nature. The slightly embossed logo is excellent.

ERGONOMICS I am 173 cm tall and weigh 65 kg. The impression is that it rests well on the back and despite the weight of the 50L loaded with accessories, the shoulders remain relaxed. I haven't noticed any imbalance. Otherwise, extensive field trials will be required.

SPACES Excellent, not to mention surprising. I had a bigger backpack, but I couldn't carry with me everything I could fit into the ICU of the TENZING 50L. The upper compartment and the extendable part are also very useful.

VERSATILITY the modifiable ICU, the extendable upper part, the various adjustments of the shoulder straps, belts and various straps, make the backpack extremely customizable. A fundamental factor that denotes great attention to the needs of the user.

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