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Dario Lo Scavo


Dario Lo Scavo was born and lives in Sicily on the slopes of the Etna volcano. Growing up he was increasingly attracted by the natural mountain environment of the volcano  and the surrounding area. Seduced by the landscapes he was inspired a lot to photograph the wonders of the natural world of Etna. Driven by a great desire to convey the emotions experienced, with his photos he has recounted many important eruptive activities over the last 30 years. With his images he loves to tell the art of nature, moments of historical and scientific interest, seeking poetic and unpublished aspects of naturalistic reportage.

Photographing Etna in eruption is a magical emotion, but requires prudence, passion, and above all experience and knowledge of the area. Dario tells, exhibits and sells his images since 2001 on Fine Art prints in the photographic gallery of Piano Provenzana, a tourist resort at 1800 meters above sea level, in Linguaglossa on the north side of Etna, a strategic starting point for excursions. Here you can still observe the devastating effects of the massive lava flow which in 2002 destroyed all the infrastructures of the tourist resort and changed the landscape.

The experience acquired in the field over many years and various courses and specializations have enriched the personal background of Dario, who is part of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps of the Etna Nord station, and is a naturalistic and excursion guide. Since 2011 he has been organizing photography workshops, explaining the techniques and secrets of photographic reportage on Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with a natural environment of extraordinary beauty, full of contrasts and endemic plants, which in addition to being a regional park is UNESCO heritage.

Driven by the desire to discover and tell new natural environments and different cultures, he undertook several journeys, mostly alone, in very fascinating and remote places in the world: he traveled in the south and north-east of Brazil (2004-2005-2009 -2010), in the Amazon (2005-2006), Venezuela (2006), Mexico (2007), Israel and Palestine (Graffiti Agency, 2007), Myanmar (Graffiti Agency, 2008), Thailand (2008), South Africa (2012) , Ethiopia (expedition for geologists in Danakil, 2013 with Luca Lupi).


Acknowledgments and Roles:


He often collaborates with various tour operators, tourist agencies and with national and international communication and scientific research institutions, such as INGV, the National Institute of Geology and Volcanology of Catania.


  • 2021 Monochrome award  :  honorable mention with a series of 5 photos

  • 2021 Siena international photo award  :  finalist

  • 2021 BioPhotoFestival. :  winner of "composition and shapes" category

  • 2021 We shoot for Italy. :  bronze medal in the "nature" category

  • 2021 member of WPC Team Italy and finalist in the "nature" category

  • 2020 Aspherical. :  Overall Winner and category winner in "landscape"

  • 2020 member of WPC Team Italy

  • 2020 Let's shoot for Italy. :  silver medal in the "nature" category

  • 2018 Aspherical. :  recommended author

  • 2015 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year in London. :  finalist

  • 2012 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year in London. :  finalist

  • 2010 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year in London. :  finalist

  • 2009 Photo Award ofNational Association of Tau Visual Photographers. :  reported author

  • 2008 Photo Award of the National Association Tau Visual Photographers. :  reported author

  • 2007 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year in London. :  finalist


  • 2015 Expo in Milan.

  • 2012 Photokina in Cologne

  • 2009 Photoshow in Milan

  • 2008 Photoshow in Rome

  • 2007 Photo Rome in the Gallery, Via Monte Verde in Rome

  • 2006 Mars Live at Alpheus in Rome

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