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ADOX is among the top brands of products for analog photography in the world. Founded in 1860 as ADOX Dr.C. Schleussener GmbH, was the first photochemical factory of the world and soon became one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Legendary films such as 14 KB and 17 KB were the first film in a thin layer of the world and brought the brand ADOX to international fame. In the US, 14 KB and 17 KB were called “the German films of wonders”.

In 1956 ADOX launched on the market its first needle color negatives. Two years later he followed the slide film C 15. ADOX received numerous patents for its technology of color photography and because of that always managed to withstand the competition.

Between the 20s and the 60s, ADOX manifatturò cameras in Wiesbaden. Among the most prominent is reminiscent ADOX Golf (medium size) and POLO (35mm).

Lenses “ADOXAR” of Golf were designed by Will Wetzlar. Series POLO instead remember the POLO 1, 2 POLO, POLO 1S, POLOmat 1 POLOmat 1S and 3S POLOmatic. The cameras POLOmat possessed of an exposure meter coupled and POLOmatic possessed even a fully automated exposure system. The lenses – except the POLO 1- were manufactured by Schneider Kreuznach.

An important step in the history of the photographic industry was the introduction of the world’s first 35mm camera with film door interchangeable: the ADOX 300.

In the late 60s the original establishment of the ADOX was sold to DuPont and later to Agfa. In 2005, with the closing of the sector “Consumer Imaging” in Leverkusen, ADOX managed to rededicate themselves to the production, applying the knowledge gained in a more restricted production. ADOX brought to market the films Agfa MCP, MCC, APX (Silvermax) successfully, together with the whole range of chemicals for the Agfa black and white photography.

Today the products are made ADOX in our small factory in Germany, near Berlin. Our passion is analog photography and our goal is to continue to provide a wide range of photographic products of high quality, for all fans of the silver salts.

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